5Cs - Five Cs in Building a Successful Networking Ecosystem for Transformational Insights

“Our experience with Navitas Networks confirms the membership provides a unique opportunity to uncover strategic and operational insights, which we then apply across our Global PV business, it is highly valuable in shaping our future PV direction“

Head of PV operations – Top 5 Global Pharma company

The life sciences industry is at an interesting transformational phase, with reordering of the traditional framework, to stay relevant during the ongoing pandemic and beyond. The subsequent rise in the need for better healthcare has orchestrated the need for remodeling systems and practices, allowing greater digital flexibility and remote monitoring practices.

Stalking out a position in such ecosystems requires an in-depth understanding of the latest trends and insights, that will help in better adapting to volatile situations. To be successful, companies need to embrace sound methods of collaboration in order to hone their strategies.

Winning Networking forums

Navitas Life Sciences’ Networks is an established independent community for business leaders in the life sciences industry, aimed at addressing common challenges and empowering through the exchange of insights, comparative performance analysis, and more. There are multiple networks within this broad umbrella, focused on specific areas of interest in the life sciences industry, tackling both the strategic and operational needs of our members

Network Forums

  • 20+ years of networking
  • 120+ Member Organizations
  • 90% Retention rate
  • Biannual forums - U.S, U.K, and India
  • Annual benchmarks– over 15 years of comparative trends, improved each year and influenced by member needs
  • 1 to 1 feedback
  • Monthly webcasts
  • Scientific Community
  • Periodic publications and white papers

5 Cs in Building a Successful Networking Ecosystem for transformational insights- Navitas Life Sciences’ Networks

1) Collaborations to unlock competitive advantages:

There is a governing need to identify the ‘secret spice’ that drive better outcomes in the life sciences industry. To stay ahead in this volatile phase and beyond, it is important to identify core value propositions, organizational needs, and competitive advantages.

Closed Networking opportunity with peers

There are multiple layers of complexity that exist in the life sciences industry, and a closed network forum provides the right platform for an interesting peer-to-peer networking opportunity. The bird’s eye view of current trends as well as differing perspectives enable better decision making.

“The forum meetings and the gathering of peers is always a fantastic opportunity to network and gain insight, excellent leadership through the sessions – thank you”

Global Head of pharmacovigilance, Top 10 Global Pharma Company

Our networks consist of myriad structures, aiding in interlocking individuals to create complex dynamics that help support strategic ambitions.

Networks Applicable for

pvnet: Heads of Safety of Top 30 life sciences companies

pvconnect: Heads of Safety of mid-sized life sciences companies

pvtech: Heads of Information Technology for PV departments

pvindia: Asia Pacific Regional PV leads of life sciences companies

labelnet: Labeling Leaders of life sciences companies;

labelconnect: Labeling Leaders focused on operational aspects of E2E labeling

labeltech: Focused on exploring E2E labeling technologies

rimnet: Global Heads of RA and RIM IT professionals

cmonet: Addressing strategic topics within the Chief Medical Officer remit

Exclusive Scientific communities and work groups within networks

Developing a sound fact base is a critical building block needed to develop better strategies, with insights about data and technologies that bind them together. Such insights are shared across work groups, scientific communities and think tanks.

Knowledge share via work groups and scientific communities

  • Industry updates
  • Actionable directions
  • Predictive services
  • Frame of references

Our value driven initiatives always aspire to ensure ethical and legal standards, with data security and confidentiality being prime aspects of our code of conduct. The network forums are committed to providing access to key data, while defining a series of steps to prevent data breach.

2) Cutting edge strategies from thought leaders:

Thought leaders have the experience and the expertise, having started initiatives and helped steer through multiple opportunities and threats that could influence pharmacovigilance and regulatory efficiencies.

The networking ecosystem can be used to access insights from such diverse thought leaders, and gain pan industry solutions, connecting the dots between possible solutions and articulating services.

A business discussion forum with key opinion leaders (KOL) will help create the perfect canvas to draw better roadmaps that charter strategic initiatives.

Gain from Thought Leader Insights

  • Invaluable information
  • Experience driven strategies
  • Tips to grow efficiently
  • Platform for queries

3) Conclave for networking minds:

Nets Navigator, our members only exclusive community platform has been developed to provide a digital workspace, encouraging better use of resources.

The platform is an easy to access resource pool that can be used to continuously reinforce and broaden knowledge horizons, bringing together network members from across the globe in the life sciences industry.

Benefits of an online community site for members

  • One-stop-shop
  • Resource repository
  • Forum for queries
  • Access to latest news

4) Competency assessment using proprietary annual benchmarks:

The amount of data that is being generated in silos has increased exponentially, such data will help in gaining momentum and taking calculated steps forward.

Blinded collection of data from across companies, sectors and boundaries is used to provide personalized industry benchmarks, to identify pace of growth or standing in the industry.

Disparate pieces of information are turned into key insights that will help make industry driven decisions, to take steps to strengthen or expand capabilities.

Benchmarking using Comparative performances

  • Industry performance analysis
  • Identify areas of success
  • Learn about areas that need support
  • Ascertain pockets of value

5) Carefully curated insights:

The compelling insights shared across networks are carefully curated and are routinely captured in white papers, newsletters and scientific community papers.

The emblematic shifts that continue to take place in the pharmaceutical industry are documented and can be accessed via these mediums to broaden perspectives and identify multisectoral opportunities.

Publications and webinars

  • Follow data
  • Gain future strategies
  • Best practice systems
  • Learn about factors that shape operations

A well-executed networking platform is a tremendous source of value for key players in the pharma industry. The insights shared provide companies with a chance to rethink their operational strategies while aiding in developing competitive edge for the future.

The baseline data insights provided aid in mapping ecosystems, creating one-of-a-kind unique forums of excellence in the life sciences industry. Such a platform is a hot bed for industry leaders to gain an edge, with others who do not follow at risk of being left behind.

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