7 Interesting facts about our exclusive pharmaREADY community

Navitas Life Sciences has steadfastly supported investments in technological advancements, that were leveraged even during COVID -19, to strengthen capabilities. The same focus on technology has helped us use it at the back end to delight customers on the front end. The recently launched pharmaREADY community portal has been developed as a one stop shop for all customer needs.

A Harvard Business Review states that 81% of customers try to find solutions on their own, before reaching out to live customer support. We want to give you the best customer support, whether live or otherwise, in the form of an all-encompassing user portal!

The online community portal for pharmaREADY was developed with the purpose of ensuring seamless and consistent pharmaREADY user experience. The portal has many aspects to its functionality that have been carefully put together, with flexibility and access to relevant resources being key drivers.

Built to be a central repository of resources, this community is expected to be a valuable partner for the realization of enhanced customer experience.

What is pharmaREADY?

Navitas Life Sciences’ pharmaREADY is a fully integrated, regulatory compliant, web-based suite comprised of Document Management, Training Records Management, Structured Product Labelling, and eCTD Publishing Solutions.

Our innovative technology solution is driving accelerated compliance and delivering First-Time-Right Submissions for 180+ life sciences companies across the globe.

1) Access to an extremely well structured pharmaREADY starter kit

Our well-researched and comprehensive starter kit guides you through the extensive support we extend towards ensuring that transitions to pharmaREADY are seamless.

A structured plan that gives you the details of the support, from guidance calls to support on device compatibility to online training. Every nuance of support that has been developed with care, is now available in your pharmaREADY community portal.

2) Get the latest version of pharmaREADY

At Navitas Life Sciences, we work to provide you with the best available solution for your submission needs. This purpose drives our R&D, with updated versions being added, based on industry insights and user experience.

Now, you can download the latest version, giving you access and alerts to updates, as and when they are released!

3) Resources on the latest updates, user guides and training manuals

Find out what’s new in the latest version and how it could help you better. Not only do we give you a good insight into the newly launched version but there is information about previous versions too.

These easy-to-understand user guides have been specially designed with focus from our technical experts on providing the intricacies of integrations and with highly informative pages.

What’s more, your information can be accessed as a document or as ready-to-be-used presentation for your next internal training!

4) Your sounding board!

We value our relationship with our customers and we hold high their evaluation of us. So, we have ensured that there is plenty of airtime for you to reach out to us.

Onboarding a customer is not a one-time engagement but a lifetime experience that we cherish, and we are known for our legendary support.

5) Quick access to regulatory information

Our endeavor to provide you with all the relevant information includes the regulatory agency websites across the globe. This will help in clear and common understanding of regulatory guidelines and information shared by these websites.

  • Access to regulatory agency website from across the globe
  • Access to regulatory links
  • Useful regulatory information
  • Latest regulatory news

Get a comprehensive look at regulatory affairs across the spectrum and maximize your knowledge. This will help take informed decisions about current requirements.

The array of resources shared serve as a one-stop-platform to learn more about the regulations that enable consumer pharma, life sciences companies and bio-med companies to efficiently manage the multitude of complexities that need to be fulfilled to successfully launch products while maximizing value.

6) Highly relevant F.A.Qs – proactive responses

We pride ourselves in our ability to understand our customers, which is why pharmaREADY is popular as a solution. We use similar insights to develop a series of questions you may have, and our answers to help you address them.

Instead of waiting for our customers to raise relevant questions, we use our predictive analytics and experience in working with them, to provide proactive responses. These drive better real time solutions and contextual awareness.

Another insight shared by Harvard Business Review is that 84% of people prefer a straightforward solution instead of sieving through an array of services. This is why we have kept it extensive, covering multiple aspects to ensure inclusion of all necessary instructions.

We have a focused strategy to bring relevant information in a customer friendly manner. By integrating our F.A. Qs into this unified customer portal, we hope to give customers the help they would need while using pharmaREADY.

7) Access to Excellent customer support

In today’s changing landscape, we have invested in the right technology and expertise to stay connected with our customers. Our investment on direct relationships with our customers has been a privilege that has helped us deliver seamlessly, personalizing customer journeys.

Here are some highlights:

  • Addressing unique needs of customers
  • Gaining from customer insights to drive better solutions
  • Fast and Efficient services
  • Email, call and chat facility enabled

pharmaREADY community is well-equipped to boost next generation customer understanding and value through our live 24/7 customer support service.

pharmaREADY community portal was launched in a bid to enhance customer experience and as a measure towards customer delight and seamless collaboration. This portal supports complex global teams, ensuring ease of use and management.

The community portal has served to integrate various customer centric capabilities, unifying scattered resources and support. There are multiple unique features for better collaborations, with streamlined processes that help customers find solutions under a common umbrella.