A Phenomena, The Dog

There is a reason dogs are referred to as man’s best friend. Since what seems like forever, man and his dog’s history and evolution have been intertwined. Dating back to roughly 15,000 years ago, we started our relationship with these wonderfully loyal creatures, seamlessly integrating into our society as fearsome hunters and loving companions. How this relationship started is still up for debate. The main two theories are that humans domesticated wolves that mainly lived off the scraps outside of our villages or they were domesticated from when they were pups. Regardless of how the relationship started, we have forged an everlasting partnership with each other; protecting, loving and comforting are some words that can be applied to both animals and humans. Dogs are now essentially one of the family.

The relationship with our dogs has changed a lot from when they were first domesticated, starting from large aggressive wolves to one of the most extensive range of breeds of any species. Many no longer hold any resemblance to their ancestors. Dogs have had many roles in society over the last few thousand years, ranging from fighting in wars, guarding property, assisting in hunting, and acting in Hollywood movies. The main role dogs play today, however, are much more companion –esque in nature. They are caring friends and companions who we form emotional attachments too, cheering us up, playing with them and (us) in general, just making our lives happier. That’s not to say they can’t annoy us by getting mud on the carpet, breaking the TV or the all too familiar “accident,” but we have our own issues so let’s not blame them for everything.

It can be easy to take for granted the loving nature of dogs and their relationship with us. Sometimes we are busy or tired, or just not in the mood to spend time with them as much as we should. It is sometimes the thing we come to regret, but after all, we do need to work to feed them and ourselves. As it is with humans, a life is fragile and can be taken away in the blink of an eye. It could be cancer, a natural disaster or a careless driver that takes our loved ones away from us. It is in these moments that we check-in; assess our relationship and what that loved one meant to us and how that canine’s passing will affect us moving forward.

Some of the best memories we can give each other is to just live in the moment, carry forward our memories and lessons and enjoy new friends.

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-Pet Owners Have a Special Heart-
In Memory of Baxter, Ishi, Moo-Moo, Roc I and Roc II