Best Webinars on Clinical Drug Development in 2020

During COVID-19, re-imagining traditional practices has helped in building organizational resilience and driving enhanced value. There has been a rise in the need for systems and processes along with a commensurate need for connectivity to implement intelligent solutions that mitigate risks.

The pandemic has heralded the rapid transformation of the life sciences industry. Today, we are seeing the rapid adoption of changes that would have taken years to implement. This revolution is led by technological development, including the advent of next generation platforms that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML).

Navitas Life Sciences mobilized its resources and experience to identify new ways of working through the COVID-19 crisis and beyond. Our team of experts are here to help you through these turbulent times by sharing insights and interesting perspectives through compelling webinars. Here is a selection of those that you shouldn’t miss.

1) Webinar 1: Rebounding with enhanced operational efficiency to manage COVID-19 clinical trials

There has been a lot of uncertainty accompanying the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has outlasted various predictions and threatens to go on well into the next year. In such a scenario, it would be prudent to operate with better efficiency, defined by flexible responses and advanced learning.

There is a need to forge strategic clinical research partnerships that will help steer clinical drug development to successful outcomes even during conditions of severe uncertainty. Watch our Webinar where our experts explore how you can harness learnings from our infectious disease and vaccines experience and capabilities, together with our in-depth insights to carry out your COVID-19 trials efficiently.

2) Webinar 2: Excellence through Regulatory Information Management Efficiency

The evolving regulatory landscape requires simplified solutions that support intelligent management of regulatory services. Our webinar discusses Industry challenges associated with managing global Regulatory information, while optimizing data handling across multiple regulatory systems. This enhances efficiency of clinical trials through data integration of end-to-end Regulatory Information Management.

3) Webinar 3: Building efficient end-to-end safety operations by leveraging technology

Digital tools have been gaining momentum, even prior to COVID-19, aiding in effective enhancement of clinical trial operations, from clinical trial run efficiency to market authorization, with a direct impact on the speed to market your drug products.

Clinical research organizations that have utilized the immense potential of digital tools have been able to deliver successful outcomes for clinical trials, during COVID-19.

Our Safety experts provide transformative insights on leveraging technology to drive better visibility and control of your End-to-End PV/Safety Operations. Watch our webinar to understand how you can achieve absolute transparency and control of your safety operations, with Oracle Argus enabling greater flexibility, data security, and regulatory compliance.

4) Webinar 4: Holistic approach to EU MDR regulatory compliance

The focus of medical device compliance is to ensure public health safety. The introduction of new devices to improve public health and the evolving regulatory landscape requires vigilant and experienced support to facilitate compliance.

Learn more about regulatory drivers and timelines, Latest EU MDR Update, Impact on product Surveillance and Labeling and implications of new regulatory requirements in our webinar.

Re-thinking clinical development by infusing calculated changes will help in building resilient and efficient systems. Smart investments on the right technology and support systems will drastically reduce expensive disruptions before they occur in clinical development.

In order to address the current needs for effective clinical trial management, it is important to identify outliers that are out of the purview of traditional systems. The webinars hosted by Navitas Life Sciences help in providing the spotlight on issues and their corresponding solutions to drive better clinical trial outcomes.

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