The Network for Chief Medical Officers

cmonet is the network for Chief Medical Officers to share insights, exchange ideas, and offer peer support. With emergent expectations of the role from Regulators, and the diversity in scope and positioning of the role in different businesses, the role of the CMO is becoming critical. The network covers industry hot topics like the internal and external role of the CMO, Medical Governance, and innovation and collaboration to develop more effective products.

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and Insight Exchange

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Recent Topics of Discussion have Included

  • The internal and external role of the CMO
  • Medical Governance
  • Innovation and collaboration to develop more effective products

Key Insights from the CMOs Positioning with External Stakeholders Include

  • The need to understand and manage the different needs across therapies, recognising the differences between similar products and having a consistent approach to patient advocacy
  • The potential challenge to address include setting up structured communication across stakeholder groups, striking the balance of data transparency and data privacy, and managing external messaging consistently with other functions

Key Insights from the Review of Approaches to Medical Governance Include

  • The need for agreed principles to ensure oversight, and governance bodies aligned to existing boards, with a singular view of medical risks across the portfolio
  • The potential challenges include addressing different/independent operating of central and local functions, and the need for a single accountable person for Medical Governance

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