20 Years of Industry Leading Networks: The Journey so far and the Path Beyond

Pharma and Life Sciences industry experts are showing increasing focus on our industry leading networks for the exclusive and insight rich interactions that promise to shape the future of the industry.


The pharma industry needs to bring products to the market faster and efficiently to ensure that the right medicines reach people who most need them. There are innovative shifts that are taking place, seemingly overnight, with the industry at the cusp of widespread digital transformation. Most of such vital data is

  • Siloed across the industry, both internally and externally
  • Hard to identify
  • Complex
  • Growing rapidly

Gain Access to Key Insights that Will Drive the Industry

It is beneficial to find a single source for access to the latest insights and discussion by experts. Our Industry leading networks provide the right platform to discuss critical factors that affect the pharma community and successful factors that aid in overcoming challenges.

Celebrating 20 years of Harnessing Emerging Trends in our industry leading Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory networks

The unique perspectives and topics discussed in our networks have helped in examining new ways of optimizing processes in the biopharma industry, providing access to an independent community that delivers peer-to-peer interaction with regular opportunities to exchange insights, compare performance, and debate strategies to tackle the latest issues.

The foundation for the networks was laid in 2001, when pvnet® was founded by industry professionals with shared common challenges. The radically innovative strategies discussed helped in building the family of networks to 8, now boasting 100+ member companies, many of whom have remained loyal members who continuously benefit from the competent and consistent strategies shared.

5 Seismic Factors why our Industry Networks will continue to be Transformational in 2022 and Beyond Our mission has remained the same, as we strive to deliver business value to meet the needs of patients, payers, and prescribers alike. We ensure that each network has a focused and evolving agenda designed to meet the latest industry challenges.

1) Multichannel Mediator: There are multiple networks, within the broad umbrella of industry networks, to help support strategic ambitions of peers in the industry with a focus on Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory. There are forums, chats, annual benchmarks, and more, working across multiple channels to cater to differing needs and perspectives.

Multichannel Support

  • Peer to Peer Network and sounding board - the only closed network of its kind
  • Thought leadership - to build and shape industry best practice
  • Collaboration and mindshare - with forums, think tanks, work groups, scientific communities
  • Proprietary Annual benchmark – provides comparative performance metrics and tracks trends
  • Publications and webinars - capturing and sharing the latest thought leadership

2) High Value-Creation Support: Regular forums provide the right platform for developing innovative future solutions that tackle shared challenges. Our 12th pvindia® forum was conducted recently and chaired by Managing Consultants, Ben Parsons and Louise Tan, together with our Global Head of Regulatory and PV Sales, Agy George.

The forum brought together 36 members from 23 companies to learn and share from one another. With a focus on PV Enablers – Managing Complexity, the event supported great discussions and contributions with plenty of hot topics identified for future meetings. For further information about the pvindia® network please click here.

Emerging Topics from the 12th PV India Forum

  • GDPR, Data Privacy, and Data Integrity in PV
  • Medical Device and Combination Products PV
  • Audits
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Local QPPVs
  • Effective Management of RMP and Aggregate Reports
  • ICSR Submission Timelines in different countries

3) Enabling Continuous Growth: We are constantly evolving and finding ways to offer unique solutions. Our latest network offering, medtechnet, launched in December 2021, offers a cross-industry platform that brings together Safety, Regulatory, and Labeling leaders from pharma and medical technology companies to help shape NextGen Device and Combination Product Safety.

Our next roundtable is fast approaching and will see participants from our PV and Regulatory networks exploring EU Regulations for Medical Devices and Combination Products. Chaired by our PV and Medtech Networks lead, Dr. Latika Sharma (MBBS, MD) and Senior Consultant, Jagruthi Sreekanti, and featuring a presentation from Harminder Mudhar, Associate Director of Digital, Devices, and Diagnostics at AstraZeneca, we look forward to welcoming our members for what we are sure will be an insightful discussion. Harminder’s presentation will focus on ‘EU MDR – Impact and Implementation at AstraZeneca’ If you are interested in learning more about this network or would like details about how to join the roundtable meeting, please click below.


4) Impressive Line Up of Events in 2022: Hot on the heels of this meeting will be our upcoming Spring Forums, always a highlight of our annual activities. Over 3 weeks, we look forward to hosting our members as we address the following themes


To register your interest to attend any of these events please click here.

5) Memberships to our Unique Industry Networks are Open: Our popularity is largely attributed to the right experiences and the right insights shared over right channels at the right time!

Now is the time to enrol as our new membership Subscription year begins on 01 April, 2022. For further information about our industry leading networks please click here or get in touch with our Networks team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Forward thinking insights help leaders and industry professionals better allocate their time and resources. To excel, our industry leading networks provide a neutral platform for ideation with experts for better long-term value and to forge significantly greater ROI.