Delivering Artificial Intelligence-driven Insights to Optimize Clinical Trials

OneClinical® Analytics, Navitas Life Sciences’ intelligent, cloud-enabled, analytics platform is proven to deliver near real time, high-quality data for delivering better insights and enabling proactive decision making, resulting in successful clinical trial outcomes.

Leveraging the Right Technology to Power Efficient Clinical Trials

Productive patient monitoring and effective clinical endpoint detection are some of the impediments to a successful trial. OneClinical® Analytics provides near real time data during the trial, which can be used to better control such challenges during your trial. The use of such intelligent analytics empowers you to take proactive corrective action, resolving critical issues at the onset. This will help in the intelligent deployment of resources which can save your time and your money.

Comprehensive Trial OverSight for Informed Decision Making

An effective clinical trial requires a deep understanding of how to identify and mitigate risks from start to finish, how to identify the right parameters to drive trial progress and stay patient-centric, and how to set up trial endpoints to ensure a meaningful study.

The operational success and the long-term impact of a clinical trial depends on the ability to deliver high-quality data, quickly and cost-effectively. This results in informed decision making by the study teams and sponsors. Navitas Life Sciences leverages 30+ years of clinical trial experience and a vast array of therapeutic area expertise, powered by the latest technology solutions, to deliver high-quality outcomes for your clinical trials.


Manage your clinical trials efficiently with our AI platform- OneClinical® Analytics

Powered by modern technology architectures, analytics provides quality by design, effective oversight of trials and actionable insights through comprehensive data visualization. OneClinical® Analytics also facilitates adaptive monitoring study conduct through industry standards driven risk based monitoring modules, and enables centralized monitoring, subject level data review, trigger reconciliation and management through a configurable workflow based solution.

OneClinical® Analytics Delivers Succesful Clinical Trial Outcomes

Regulatory Compliance and Data Privacy Ensured

Designed for, and delivered via, cloud, and in compliance with regulatory and data privacy requirements, our analytics platform enables end to end clinical trial oversight and data analytics services. Proven across a variety of global trials, the platform offers short setup time with low fixed costs, and provides global accessibility with near real-time data analytics and visualizations.

Case Study: Intelligent and Unified Data Analytics and Aggregation for 5 Clinical Trials, from 3 CROs, and 3 EDC Platforms using OneClinical® Analytics

Learn how we used OneClinical® Analytics in supporting a global clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company headquartered in New Jersey, USA, in aggregating clinical trial data from 5 different clinical studies, managed by 3 different Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) and using 3 different Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems.

Schedule a Meet: SCDM 2022 Annual Conference

Date : 11 - 14 September 2022

Venue : San Antonio, Texas

Navitas Life Sciences team is excited to be exhibiting at the 24th SCDM Annual Conference

Meet our experts, Sowmya Kaur, Head, APAC Navitas Clinical Research and Global Client Solutions, and Dr. Yun Lu, Ph.D., Chief Science & Innovation Officer, Navitas Clinical Research at Booth 111 to find out how we can leverage our experience and OneClinical® Analytics pplatform to speed your drug products to the market faster.

You can expect to

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of how we can help optimize your clinical trials
  • Explore multiple ways of working together using technology-led expertise
  • Inspiration for a strategic partnership that will solve your clinical trial needs

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