Embrace Children Computer Donation

Embrace Children is a new organization with the mission, “To enable every child with basic resources and support to succeed in school and in life.” What’s really inspiring about this organization is that six young people who are 11th and 12th grade high school and college students are running the operations. Maya Aravapalli, the Founder, and Kelsey Hall, Public Relations Director, along with the other four team members are helping to provide desks and computers to underprivileged schools in India that only have bare minimum facilities and basic resources to receive a quality education. The laptops will be used as part of their mentorship program which helps to guide, motivate, provide resources and counsel children in these schools so that they can get educated, complete their high school and attend college in India.

Right now, Embrace Children is focused on an area two hours outside of Bangalore, in southern India and are helping three schools in this area by providing 340 desks to help support students’ education. Many school children in these cases do not have desks and must learn to do their work on the floor, so these desks can go a long way.

“When Kelsey asked if there was a way for DataCeutics to help, we immediately wanted to be a part of this project. Helping children in need of tools that aid their learning experience is so important and our participation will give Kelsey and Maya the backup support that so many projects need to be successful,” said Paul Gilbert, President of DataCeutics. DataCeutics has committed to donating five laptops to Embrace Children that will be shipped to India in July.

Maya and Kelsey plan to magnify their efforts and expand their organization this fall by giving their non-profit even more exposure. Both girls plan to continue their efforts while attending college.

Kelsey’s mom, a DataCeutics’ employee adds, “In the 23 years that I have been working for DataCeutics, I have seen the company grow in many ways - including its generosity for many charitable causes. As a parent, I greatly appreciate DataCeutics demonstrating the act of ’kindness and paying it forward’ to Kelsey and Maya, and supporting their work with Embrace Children. This very generous laptop donation will have an enormous impact on developing their mentorship program, and will also help open the door for other opportunities for these children. Who knows, maybe one of these students will become a DataCeutics’ employee one day! I am so very proud of Kelsey and Maya, and very grateful to DataCeutics for supporting their efforts.”

Please be sure to visit Embrace Children’s website at http://www.embracechildren.com/ for more information about this organization.