Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition is a time to honor, applaud and learn about the qualities of the person being acknowledged.

DataCeutics, a recognized Functional Service Provider of SAS Programmers for the pharma and biotech industry, is big on recognizing excellence in employees and extremely elated when customers recognize their workers, as well. What is really of interest is why someone felt so compelled to write a letter of recognition. While doing some research on some of the most interesting letters written, it was a beautiful find coming upon some letters written by recognized, worldly people. I would like to share some of these with you.

High-performance mentions are also known as kudos (comes from Greek and means "praise, glory, or fame" (especially in battle). It entered the American English lexicon during the 1920s and 1930s, and was popularized by Henry Luce in Time magazine, who also gave us "Tycoon".

Not everyone takes the time to recognize a colleague. DataCeutics' management, however, writes thank-you notes and recognition letters to employees and will even add some recognition award dollars, when warranted. To receive, however, a letter of thanks and recognition from a customer is truly adding a cherry on top. "We received over 30 encouraging notes in 2016 from our customers and already received two this first month of the New Year," said Matt Ferdock, CEO of DataCeutics. He also said, “We appreciate our employees and the fact that our customers take time to express their satisfaction and this confirms our reputation throughout the industry!"

There is also an effect that these wonderful kudos have on co-workers. Many want to know the accomplishments to gain such praise. Our most recent customer kudos called out the experience (10 years) of one of our SAS Programmers. The customer expressed:

"I just wanted to send a quick note to let you know how great it's been to work with Ms. G! The studies are challenging, and she's been amazing throughout it all. She has excellent technical skills and provides great feedback on ways to improve efficiency. She takes initiative and astutely addresses challenges by developing programming workarounds and she debugs complicated macro programs. The work she does is incredibly high-quality, detail-oriented, and comprehensive. She has also been a tremendous asset for the QC function. On top of her amazing work and dedication, Ms. G has a great personality and is such a wonderful colleague!"

We think this is worthy of further praise and say Thank You to our customer for the recognition and our employees who do great SAS Programming work!