Here’s How Navitas Life Sciences is Future Proofing Clinical Trials

There have been significant strides in health care innovation, with a better understanding of underlying biology and identification of novel drug targets, which could potentially translate to improved health. However, drug development costs continue to rise, with the average cost of bringing a drug to market estimated at $2.6 Billion in 2019, marking a 140% increase over 10 years. Thus, the onus is on running efficient clinical trials that enable companies to bring their drugs to market quickly and effectively.

Entering a Transformational Phase

To transform how clinical trials are run, there is a need to focus initiatives on integrating varied innovative factions, and spearhead efforts towards improved efficiency. At Navitas life Sciences, investments in technological advancements many years ahead and the availability of the right resources has helped in weathering against external influences, like the recent COVID-19 pandemic.

Here are a few ways Navitas Life Sciences has developed efficient systems to safeguard against trial disruptions.

1) Technology driven clinical trials

The coronavirus pandemic has helped in kickstarting a global digital revolution in clinical trials, helping launch virtual trials. The digital shift made it imperative for stakeholders to move towards technological innovation.

Navitas Life Science’s investment on technological advancements began a few years ago, recognizing the potential of including artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). Longstanding inefficiencies that existed in terms of cost, patient experience and time provided a fertile ground for digital enhancement, with the inefficiencies suitably diminished.

Benefits: The digital enhancements have helped in better utilization of resources, lowering inconsistencies in patient engagement, streamlining of data collection and management, while providing near real time data insights, enabling proactive, informed decision-making.

Our proprietary OneClinical® Analytics enables end to end clinical trial data management, data visualization, analytics, monitoring and submission services. Proven across a variety of global trials, the platform offers short setup time with low fixed costs and provides global accessibility with near real-time data analytics and visualizations.

Future proofing with digital aids: Navitas Life Sciences was already in the midst of transformational changes even before the pandemic, with a definite move towards digital solutions. Sufficient testing and training were provided prior to COVID-19 pandemic, which helped in seamless transition into virtual clinical trials during lockdowns.

Now, such mature digital ecosystems provide robust support for clinical trials, positively reinforcing benefits during every phase of a clinical trial. They help recognize a scarce resource, with data and analytics, providing essential insights that could safeguard against external unprecedented influences.

2) Expert industry insights: A study by Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development published in March 2021 showed that planned and unplanned mid- study updates in clinical trials lead to clinical trial time delays. The study was based on 194 drug developers worldwide, and provided the following observations

a) Each clinical trial had 4 planned and 4 unplanned mid-study updates

b) Each planned and unplanned study update added 30 days to the duration of the clinical trial

Navitas Life Sciences’ Networks is an established independent community for business leaders in the life sciences industry.

Benefits: These popular industry networks are aimed at addressing common challenges and empowering through the exchange of insights, comparative performance analysis, and more. There are multiple networks within this broad umbrella, focused on specific areas of interest in the life sciences industry, tackling both the strategic and operational needs of our members

Network Forums

  • 20+ years of networking
  • 120+ Member Organizations
  • 90% Retention rate
  • Biannual forums - U.S, U.K, and India
  • Annual benchmarks– over 15 years of comparative trends, improved each year and influenced by member needs
  • 1 to 1 feedback
  • Monthly webcasts
  • Scientific Community
  • Periodic publications and white papers

Future proofing with industry insights: These unique industry networks help provide access to insights from across the industry, providing a foundation for better decision making during clinical trials. There is better value created, removing silos, and providing enhanced solutions to issues that may arise during the trials.

3) Stellar Data Management: Clinical trials generate a lot of data that needs to be effectively managed and utilized to maintain efficiency. In another study conducted by Tufts University, and published recently, it was found that 3.6 million data points may be generated by a Phase III trial, 3 times more than data collected 10 years ago.

Navitas Data Sciences, our global clinical data functional service provider (FSP), provides audit ready, high quality data that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials and leads to better data for decision-making. Teams are available onsite, global, or in combination, depending on short and long-term objectives of a client.

Benefits: Navitas Data Sciences provides state-of-the-art Clinical Data Management services under a functional-service provider (FSP) model. Highly experienced data managers follow best practices to provide superior data quality, through expertise and knowledge gained over vast experience.

Future proofing with effective Data Management: Vast experience and expertise allows effective management of data, creating a uniformly accepted data source that stakeholders can use effectively. Catering to unique needs with sophisticated systems and global delivery model, Navitas Data Sciences services can scale up to meet the ever-increasing data demands of even complex clinical trials.

Navitas Life Sciences has developed multiple strategies and combinations of working that can potentially proactively detect delays and deviations, to accelerate drugs to the market. Our experienced team rapidly explores efficient methods of functioning, embedding a host of solutions gained from previous trials and industry insights, to future proof clinical trials.

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