How we Effectively Manage Our Glaucoma Clinical Trials

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month and we would like to highlight the significance of glaucoma research to support people with glaucoma. According to the World Health Organization, globally 4.5 million people are blind due to glaucoma. 12 million Indians and 3 million Americans are estimated to have glaucoma and primary angle glaucoma, respectively. Moreover, it is known to be the leading cause of blindness in people over 60 years. Though the number of people with glaucoma is considerable, there is no known method to cure glaucoma but there are measures to prevent further loss of vision.

Navitas Life Sciences supports people with glaucoma by running cost and time efficient clinical trials, aiding in bringing treatment options faster to the market.

Benefits of Choosing Navitas Life Sciences for Glaucoma Clinical Trials

  • Specialists with vast experience
  • Technology led Clinical Trials
  • Multiple Ophthalmology sites
  • Global experience in conducting glaucoma clinical trials

We understand the complexities of a glaucoma clinical trial and have vast experience and technical know-how, along with quick onboarding and award-winning recruitment process to trials to successful completion.

We took the time to interview Dr. Akash Gadgade, Senior Manager, Medical Services, Navitas Life Sciences, to understand more about the glaucoma clinical trials being conducted.

Tell us about your professional background and your specific expertise in conducting glaucoma clinical trials?

I am Dr Akash Gadgade, MBBS, MD (Pharmacology) with 9 years of experience in Clinical Research and Pharmaceutical Industry as Medical Advisor and Medical Monitor. Key expertise in early phase to late phase trials, I have supported multiple clinical trials to reach successful outcomes.

What are some of the digital solutions or technological innovations that are a part of our glaucoma clinical trials?

OneClinical® is a common AI based data analysis platform that we offer without any additional charge.

It provides near real time data during the trial that can be leveraged to make smarter decisions regarding the progress of the trial. The use of such intelligent analytics empowers you to take proactive corrective action, resolving critical issues at the onset. This will help in intelligent deployment of resources which can save your time efficiently and your money.

Dr. Akash Gadgade

Senior Manager
Medical Services

Navitas Life Sciences


OneClinical® can be customized based on unique sponsor requirements and specifications to get desired analysis charts and monitoring dashboards/score cards for enhanced trial monitoring.

What are the exclusive facilities/equipment that we have to conduct glaucoma clinical trials?

Navitas Life Sciences has the technological prowess and the required facilities to conduct efficient glaucoma clinical trials

Equipment Available for Glaucoma Clinical Trials

  • Ultrasound Pachymetry
  • Humphrey Field Analyzer
  • Biomicroscopy
  • Gonioscopy
  • Ophthalmoscope
  • IOP (Goldman Applanation Tonometry)

Apart from state-of-the-art facilities, we have qualified experts with vast experience who understand the complexities in a glaucoma clinical trial and can manage challenges effectively.

What are some of the important glaucoma clinical trials and the types of therapy being trialed?

There are multiple clinical trials that we have conducted. An interesting clinical trial involves the use of Drug-Delivering Contact Lens in Patients with Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma or Ocular Hypertension that would limit the need for daily application of eye drops.

A recent clinical trial that is being conducted in Russia had a successful start and already has 25 patients enrolled. We support the needs of all our clinical trials with expertise and intelligent use of resources to ensure that our sponsors have a competitive edge.

What is the support offered to patients with glaucoma, especially those with partial visibility?

Our trials are patient centric, and we support their needs throughout the study progress. Trained experts check their vision and ensure physical assistance to better manage their condition.

Can you describe a memorable anecdote/feedback from a client that was a part of any glaucoma clinical trial?

We have adhered to all timelines and our sponsors have provided positive feedback and re-engaged with us for further studies.

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