A network focused on exploring E2E labeling technologies to improve processes and increase business value for regulatory or labeling IT professionals or business leads

Emerging Agenda for our next meeting: Autumn, 2020

Virtual Events: 05 November, 2020 | 12 November, 2020

In response to COVID-19 and to fully protect our members, team, and the public, we can confirm that this event will take place virtually. Registration is open, so please continue to register if you wish to participate.

The labeltech Autumn agenda is themed around ‘Integrating technology in the End-to-End Labeling process’ and will focus on the following:

  • Building an End-to-End Technology Roadmap
  • Structured Content Authoring


Launched in 2018, labeltech is the interest group for individuals responsible for enabling and supporting E2E labeling technologies in their organisations.

labeltech is shaping the future of technology in labeling by providing business and technology leaders with an open, yet confidential, environment to share challenges, discuss alternative solutions, and develop best practices that are aligned to the future of labeling, whilst increasing business value from their technology investments.

  • peer-to-peer

    Peer to Peer Network
    and Insight Exchange

  • clear-strategy

    Discuss and Develop Strategies
    and Best Practices

  • build-profile

    Build Profile and
    Industry Voice

Who should join labeltech?

Regulatory or labeling IT professionals or business leads responsible for enabling and supporting technologies within their organisations

Why join labeltech?

  • future-proof

    Future Proof
    Your Systems

  • discuss-key-issues

    Engage with
    Global Peers

  • compare-and-improve

    Compare and
    Improve Performance

Be part of the only global labeling network with exclusive access to:

  • Annual in person meetings in the US and Europe, providing industry leading insights and showcasing technology solutions in the labeling space, driven by member cases to discover cutting edge utilization of technology, new approaches and collaborations
  • Hot topic based industry working groups and webcasts
  • Live scientific community discussion board: connect with other members, post and answer questions on latest labeling technology topics
  • Member-only platform for collaboration and resource hub – a secure portal to connect and collaborate with peers and share the latest documented insights
  • Routine publications including white papers and discussion summaries
  • Unique networking with access to Subject Matter Experts within Navitas Life Sciences

Latest Insights in the Labeling Space

As the critical importance of end-to-end labeling is gaining recognition from all stakeholders involved, so is the focus in developing fit for purpose tools and technologies as enablers in the space. Key themes which are being discussed at labeltech include:
  • System integration: The benefits of data-centric approaches compared with traditional system-centric approaches in system and data integration, and the implications in solution architecture design
  • Technology nirvana: single user interface, single platform (integrating best of breed applications/systems), single set of data standards, and single dashboard
  • The 4 A’s of labeling technology future: Automation, Analytics, Artificial Intelligence and Apps:
    • Automation: not just for process, but also for content creation and maintenance. Automated workflow engines, bots and structured content authoring and content management are some of the topics being explored for labeling.
    • Analytics: beyond retrospective analysis and reporting of data, how we deploy predictive analytics to harness the value locked up in our data – transforming information into intelligence and insights.
    • Artificial intelligence: how we can leverage advanced technologies such as deep learning to facilitate multiple aspects within labeling e.g. linking scientific concepts to patient friendly communications, predicting patient behaviors, outcomes and effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies, etc. while maintaining compliance within the regulatory framework.
    • Apps: the potential for apps to enhance product information dissemination and communication to the end users, to store and transmit medical information, and to influence behaviors and health outcomes, is huge. What are the critical success factors in developing a successful strategy for Mobile Health Devices and Applications, while navigating a rapidly changing regulatory landscape?

This network is exclusively for labelnet and labelconnect members. For further information, or to register your interest, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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