Month in Review - May 2017

Another busy month went by as we had a lot going on at DataCeutics. The biggest highlight for May was our trip down to Baltimore for PharmaSUG.

PharmaSUG is the Pharmaceutical Industry SAS® Users Group, consisting of professionals worldwide in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries who use SAS software in their work.

The conference hosted 700 attendees which was the biggest turnout in years, according to the conference chair. The weatherman worked with the conference as it made getting around all that much easier with crisp, breezy waterfront air flowing through the Inner Harbor.

Our new video debuted at the conference displaying who we are, our services, and why both our employees and clients love working with us. Take a look:

White Papers

Four of our programmers were selected to present papers this year. Tim Harrington, John Gerlach, Carey Smoak and Scott Kosten. Scott, who co-wrote his paper with a colleague, won best paper by his committee chair.

CR Toolkit

DataCeutics’ macro tool used to format clinical reports is used by programmers in the industry. It is a pre-tested, commercially available and fully documented product. Some features are noted below and we continue to keep the product viable for industry. Please visit our product website at

  • Automated Page Layout for All Output
  • Speeds up production of Tables, Listings and Graphs
  • Reduces Programming, Validation Efforts, and Programmer Variability
  • Simplifies Re-Processing
  • Easy to Learn / Standard Call Interface


DataCeutics is running a comprehensive cyber security awareness program. By taking a proactive stance and learning how to spot and report potentially dangerous emails, we can keep DataCeutics safer.

Chances are you've received a few general phishing emails in your personal or work-related inbox before. These emails are sent to the masses, with the hope that just a few of the thousands or millions of recipients fall victim.

Spear phishing emails, by contrast, are targeted attacks that take advantage of personal and professional relationships, organizational hierarchies, and human curiosities. These emails pose a unique threat, as their high level of customization can lead them past even the best technical controls.

In today's world, it's a necessity to work online, and spear phishers will use the information we post to trick us into clicking a link, opening an attachment, or entering sensitive information into legitimate-looking websites.

What to Do If You Receive a Simulated or Real Phishing Email

Although your first instinct might be to delete or ignore suspicious emails, we ask that you report them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you've been targeted by a phisher, chances are your coworkers have been too, so by reporting suspicious emails, you can keep our organization safer.