Jul 2020

10 Do’s and Don’ts of Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a rapidly advancing technology at increasing levels due to COVID-19. We thought this is a great time to put out some reminders....

Jun 2020

R Programming in a Clinical Trial Data Analysis:

Data Sciences has been fueling powerful business decisions taken by Industry leaders in the last few years. Data scientists are storytellers. They often need....

Jun 2020

Lead Data Manager I, Andrew Shechtman, has Reached a Pinnacle in his Career

Motivated by compassion, a desire to contribute to the greater good in society, and a sincere love of Data Management, Navitas Data Sciences’ Lead Data Manager I....

Jun 2020

June 2020 Update from Global Data Management Experts, Navitas Data Sciences

Breakthrough pharmaceutical compounds are meaningless without accurate, comprehensive clinical trial data. Without such data, pharmaceutical companies are unable....

Apr 2020

Keeping Strong and Facing it All Together at Sky Fall

A resident of Los Angeles, California, Senior Statistical Programmer Analyst Jennifer Lin works remotely for Navitas Data Sciences, as many of our team members do...

Apr 2020

How’s it Going at Your House?

Since the middle of March, we’ve had to juggle work with entertaining little ones who are usually in daycare during working hours, and homeschooling grammar...

Apr 2020

Navitas Data Sciences Clinical Trial Expert is Doing His Part

Navitas Data Sciences’ Senior Biostatistician David A. Lombardi, Ph.D is supporting a diversified biopharmaceutical client of DataCeutics/Navitas Data Sciences...

Mar 2020

Program Manager Siddharth Kumar is Achieving His Dreams

Siddharth Kumar is a Program and Delivery Manager at the Navitas Data Sciences Bangalore office. He is a man of many passions, and lives by the Zig Ziglar motto...

Mar 2020

Celebrating Women Statisticians Throughout History

In celebration of International Women’s Week and National Women’s History Month, Navitas Data Sciences salutes the exceptional work of women...

Feb 2020

PHUSE: Passionate about the Advancement of Clinical Information & Data Science

Navitas Data Sciences will be proudly exhibiting a new booth at the PHUSE US Connect 2020 in Orlando Florida from March 8th-11th. This year’s theme...

Feb 2020

Senior Statistician - MS, Teresa McClendon - Loving Life and Her Work

Interestingly, McClendon originally set out to be a veterinarian. But while at Texas A&M University, in the early ’80s, her love of mathematics was reignited...

Jan 2020

Meeting the Future Challenges of Data Management in Clinical Trials – Navitas Data Sciences has a Solution

Breakthrough pharmaceutical compounds are meaningless without accurate, comprehensive clinical trial data. Without such data, pharmaceutical companies....

Jan 2020

David A. Lombardi, PhD, Lives His Full Life by the Hour, Not by the Day

Dr. David Lombardi’s day-to-day responsibilities at the moment are to provide high-level Biostatistical support to a client whose mission is to transform...

Jan 2020

Patient Centricity and the Internet of Medical Things

Undoubtedly, the IoT is positioned to increase patient participation and improve data collection, data sharing, and cost reduction. Connected medical devices...

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