Navitas Data Sciences Clinical Trial Expert is Doing His Part

Last January, we featured Navitas Data Sciences’ Senior Biostatistician David A. Lombardi, Ph.D. in our Employee Spotlight series. Today, we have good reason to honor him once again. Lombardi is currently helping to contribute to the treating of patients with COVID-19. 


David A. Lombardi, Ph.D.

He is supporting a diversified biopharmaceutical client of DataCeutics/Navitas Data Sciences, that is working on a program to treat the acute lung injury caused by COVID-19. Lombardi is contributing his expertise in Epidemiology and Biostatistics to design a Phase 2 study for an upcoming clinical trial to be submitted to the regulatory authorities for approval to proceed.

“Like others in the front lines of healthcare at this time, that are saving the lives of patients,” says Lombardi, “behind the scenes, there are many clinical trial experts working day and night and moving incredibly rapidly during this critical time to design and implement studies to prove the efficacy and safety of both potential preventive and interventions for COVID-19.”

At Navitas Data Sciences, we are immensely proud of David Lombardi and the work that he is doing to combat the effects of this global epidemic. We salute all the hard-working health professionals in the front lines, as well as those behind the lines! Thank you for all you do for our health and safety!

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David A. Lombardi, PhD, Lives His Full Life by the Hour, Not by the Day