Regulatory Information and Data Management

Regulatory Information Management (RIM) is evolving from repository for Regulatory Information to a Single Source of Truth for product data elements transforming information into intelligence ultimately into insights.
To build an effective RIM strategy, Navitas Life Sciences harnessed insights from our rimnet® industry experts to develop our strategic path to RIM excellence as illustrated in the figure below.
Many regulatory groups use spreadsheets, shared drives and emails as workarounds to get critical documents and reports out. Navitas Life Sciences helps you to translate data into re-usable and reliable information across the organization. We can support you with data migration of your current data from your systems.
Navitas Life Sciences provides data management services such as submission management and tracking, product registration, Company Core Data Sheet (CCDS), SPL updates labeling updates, commitment tracking, Change control updates, XEVMPD and IDMP.

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