Shrishaila Patil, Navitas Life Sciences Statistical Programming in India

It is always a delight when a company finds the perfect person for that important job. Such is the case in hiring Shrishaila Patil as Vice President of Statistical Programming for Navitas Life Sciences.

“This Navitas Data Sciences assignment is very close to my heart,” says an enthusiastic Shrishaila Patil. “I am a people person and enjoy working closely with team members, and I want to do my best for the benefit of patients, Navitas, and my team,” he adds.

A friendly, married young man, who enjoys playing cricket and table tennis, and speaks six languages, Patil is very goal-oriented and extremely dedicated to his career. Currently a PhUSE Membership Officer for India, he is passionate about contributing to Navitas Data Sciences’ global expansion initiative.

Patil comes to his new position with 15 years of experience in the Life Sciences Industry, but it is his accomplishments during those years that are truly impressive, as his 9-page CV illustrates. He began his career as an Associate Bioinformatics Scientist for Jubilant Biosys in Bangalore, India in 2004 and quickly moved up the ranks, taking a position at Accenture Services, Pvt Ltd building clinical studies and mapping SDTM using Tabletrans.

By 2007, he was at Novartis HealthCare Pvt. Ltd. In Hyderabad as eCRF Developer, soon moving into Clinical Data Modeling (SDTM) & GLIB Implementation in Oracle Clinical, and becoming Senior eCRF Developer in three years’ time. It was at Novartis where his leadership skills became most apparent, as he stabilized a team of full development clinical database programmers in Phase II and Phase III studies.

His insatiable thirst for gaining experience and knowledge led Patil to SDTM Modeling for cancer, cardiovascular, neuroscience, and respiratory studies, before accepting a position as Principal Clinical Database Programmer and STDM SME with PAREXEL International. Here, he led more than 25 studies and acted as trainer for SDTM standards.

To enhance his statistical programming skills, Patil moved to PPD in Bangalore as Manager of Programming Biostatistics, where he gained experience in DM SAS programming, SDTM, ADaM, and TLF programming. A move to Quanticate International, Ltd in Bangalore as Associate Director for the Statistical Programming Department, enabled Patil to hone his skills further as Senior Business Leader.

Overall experience gained in onboarding, training, global resourcing, project management, Client management, line management and department management in his last 15 years of tenure, have geared him to the position he now holds with Navitas Life Sciences.

He is very excited at the prospect of developing a large team of expert programmers across India, and envisions the huge success this new collaboration can grow into. After all, this is the opportunity he has been working toward since he graduated from Bangalore University and received an Advanced Diploma in Applied Bioinformatics from the Bioinformatics Institute of India.

“This will be the most important assignment in my life,” declares Shrishaila Patil passionately. Indeed, that is most likely a true statement. As Navitas Life Sciences continues to expand its prominence on the life sciences stage world-wide, and Navitas Data Sciences spreads its clinical data programming expertise across the globe, the sky is the limit, and it is a great stroke of luck that Patil and Navitas Life Sciences have found each other.