Why You Should Join us at ‘Be the Expert 2022’

Navitas Life Sciences’ Labeling Networks Lead, Tris Nockles, will be presenting at Amplexor Life Sciences’ 25th annual ‘Be The Expert’ conference on Wednesday 08 June delivering a session titled “ The Future of Labeling – A Digital Reality?” Progressing access to digital labeling will aid in ensuring patient safety, resilient supply chains, and streamlining processes, while advancing the drive for sustainability.

Data Insights Processed and Delivered on a Platform- Industry Leading Networks

In a constantly evolving landscape, there is a need to have a pulse on rapidly advancing technologies and the insights behind data driven decision making, and our industry leading networks provide just the right platform for that.


The unique perspectives and topics discussed in our networks have helped examine new ways of optimizing processes in the biopharma industry, providing access to an independent community that delivers peer-to-peer interaction with regular opportunities to exchange insights, compare performance, and debate strategies to tackle the latest issues.

Expert Labeling Insights from Tris Nockles

In an exciting interview with our Labeling Networks Lead, Tris Nockles, we gained useful insights about labeling and some of the events to look out for in the coming months.

Tell us about your professional expertise?

I am an experienced global leader (Fortune 50 and FTSE 100) with a demonstrated history of strategy development in the health care industry, working across Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, and Consumer products. Through strong collaboration and partnerships, I deliver creative strategies and insights to resolve challenging, complex business problems, aligning to overarching strategy and goals.

As a Thought Leader and Subject Matter Expertise in the Regulatory and Technology space, with a strong alignment to customer needs and commercial imperatives, I lead internal and external forums focused on Labeling, facilitate groups at all levels both for strategy development and project remediation, develop and coach talent at both junior and senior level and identify upcoming trends and ideate links to develop end-to-end best practice solutions.

Tris Nockles

Labeling Networks Lead,

Navitas Life Sciences

What is the importance of labeling and how has COVID-19 impacted labeling ?

There is a growing importance for labeling, to deliver greater value for patients, prescribers, and industry, and there is more emphasis by regulators to deliver accurate, relevant, and informative product information, that will aid in making informed prescribing and treatment decisions, while lowering medication errors, and provide faster adverse effect identification and reporting.

The need for labeling continues to grow exponentially, and COVID-19 has resulted in increasing complexity. The pandemic brought with it greater awareness about drugs, treatments and medications, and the role of effective labeling in public health. There is a vital need to ensure that labeling is well managed and future-ready.

What will you be speaking about at the conference ‘Be the Expert 2022’?

My session will explore the focus needed to ensure that both patients and healthcare professionals have access to the most up-to-date label. With several regulatory authorities exploring the possibility of delivering labeling through digital means, supported by numerous pilots already in place to validate if the provision of digital labeling can meet the needs of target audiences, we are seeing some countries moving beyond, to implement within their regulations. So, just what is the reality of digital labeling for the future, and what does that mean for the industry? We hope that you can join this thought-provoking session to learn more.

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The Future of Labeling – A Digital Reality?

Date : 07 – 09 June 2022

What are the industry networks focused on labeling and who can join?

labelnet, established in 2011, provides an open, confidential platform for Labeling leaders to network, debate, benchmark performance, share and develop best practices across the full labeling life cycle. The heads of Labeling of Top 35 Life Science Companies Network at labelnet.


Launched in 2018, labeltech is ideal for individuals supporting and enabling end-to-end labeling technologies in their organizations.

What are some of the events that are coming up with a focus on labeling?

As we celebrate 20 years of our industry leading networks this year, our Spring network forums are imminent, including dedicated events for both labelnet and labeltech. Our Networks team is looking forward to bringing together our members with a mix of face-to-face and virtual meetings. Participants will be able to learn and share from one another while addressing the key themes highlighted below. Open to industry professionals, there is still time to register your place if you would like to join, please click here to express your interest.


Future Ready Labeling – How to Thrive and Survive

Download this article to explore five trends that are critical to the future success of labeling.

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