Junior MICC Associate

Job Description

We are currently seeking experienced MICC professionals to join our growing team. Within the role you will:

  • Be responsible for receiving calls and/or emails (AE, PQC, MI & GI), case intake, duplicate check, and registration.
  • Carry out follow-up inquiries through phone and email, including the translation of the inquiry if not in a primary language (English).
  • Support the development of all the required documents for the MICC

Desirable Skills and Experience

  • 1-3 years of experience in an MICC role
  • Graduate or post graduate degree in life sciences, pharmacy, dentistry, allied health sciences, and any additional related courses
  • Strong communication skills for effective client communication and coordination

Princeton, NJ, USA

Graduate/Post Graduate with a life sciences degree


Pharmacovigilance and Safety

Full Time