Leadership Edge

Purpose-driven specialists who think differently, lead brilliantly, and build efficient systems to improve healthcare. Trusted International experts in the field of life sciences.

Thought Leaders

Dr. Raghavendra Shetty

Bioanalysis & Generics

Dr Sudheer Balaraju


Steve Light

Data Sciences

Executive Management

Srinivasan H R

Chief Executive Officer

Marty Boom

Global Head, Regulatory & PV

Bala Latupalli

Executive Vice President, Technology and Shared Services

Kalyan Gopalakrishnan

Executive Vice President, M&A and Partnership

Dr Ayaaz Hussain Khan

Global Head, Generics

Lalit Mahapatra

Chief Financial Officer

Louise Jebson

Head of Consulting & NETS

Govind Srinivasan

VP, Business Partner, Regulatory & Safety Technology

Sowmya Kaur

Head, APAC Navitas Clinical Research and Global Client Solutions

Paul Gilbert

Chief Operating Officer, Navitas Data Sciences

Kathy Greer

Executive Vice President Professional Services

Shobana NS

Executive Director

Deepa Jayakumar

VP, Corporate Services