Navitas Life Sciences & Glemser Technologies Announce Partnership to Bring Global Labeling Advancements to Life Sciences Organizations

February 06, 2023 : Navitas Life Sciences, a leading provider of technology enabled services to life science companies, and Glemser Technologies announced their partnership today, February 6, 2023, bringing innovations and technology advancements in global labeling to the life science industry.

The direct integration between Navitas Life Sciences’ labelREADY solution, supporting end-to-end labeling management, and Glemser’s software product, ComplianceAuthorTM Solutions, allows the two companies to quicky scale bilaterally to provide one-of-a-kind advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and structured content authoring to optimize organizations end-to-end global labeling process, including artwork. Supported by leading edge services, these advancements allow clients to reduce their submission ready label generation time by up to 50% and manage their associated labeling costs down.

As we lead the industry in unifying both process and content management, we see our partnership revolutionizing the management of end-to-end labeling. The integration of labelREADY (part of the regulatoryREADY suite) and ComplianceAuthorTM strengthens our ability to manage the labeling process and provide full oversight of label changes, from change confirmation through to the shipment of label inserts. Together we ensure compliance, providing real time intelligence through reports, dashboards, and analytics, while also facilitating structured content to reduce the effort required to maintain labels.

“It is my pleasure to announce that Glemser’s ComplianceAuthor™ Solutions can now be accessed across the life science industry. Glemser has made a name for itself serving many of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies and during that time has created a mature and proven system. This partnership will allow Glemser to serve an area of the industry that we historically could not, and we couldn’t be more excited.”
Kevin Morgan,
CEO, Glemser Technologies
“Navitas Life Sciences has been working together with clients and our labelnet® members on developing the best practices in labeling processes, governance, and technology. We feel confident that our partnership with Glemser Technologies will allow us to push these best practices and generate true value for the life sciences industry.”
Marty Boom,
Global Head of Regulatory and Safety, Navitas Life Sciences

The partnership between Navitas Life Sciences and Glemser will be available as part of the ComplianceAuthorTM Solutions suite and regulatoryREADY suite. The integration is available now and can be purchased from both Navitas Life Sciences and Glemser.

About Glemser

Since 1987, Glemser’s team of global technology advisors has been providing software and advisory services for life science companies and regulated industries. We help our clients incorporate emerging technologies and innovative methods to address their most pressing business needs. In doing so, Glemser allows companies to better develop and commercialize medications for improved patient outcomes.

Glemser is modernizing the future of global product labeling with ComplianceAuthorTM Solutions. A solution that reduces the time to produce a submission-ready label by up to 50%. ComplianceAuthorTM Solutions is an innovative component-based, structured content authoring system that saves time, improves quality, and sustains compliance via artificial intelligence and machine learning.

At Glemser, we draw on our extensive experience implementing large-scale IT solutions for global companies to successfully execute and validate content and quality management solutions. These solutions meet the evolving needs of our clients as their cultures and systems change over time.

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About Navitas Life Sciences

Navitas Life Sciences is a technology-backed global clinical research organization, headquartered in Princeton, NJ, with over 1000 employees and spread across 5 countries. Navitas Life Sciences accelerates time to market for life-saving therapies with end-to-end and point services and solutions for drug development and beyond. Navitas Life Sciences provides outsourced data science, regulatory and safety, and full-service CRO services to large and mid-sized biopharmaceutical clients. Navitas Life Sciences is proud to be an HIG Portfolio company.

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