Navitas, a key contributor in IRISS Forum Webinar

David Gwyn to present on "EDM Submission Reference Model - Shaping how Submission Content is Managed"

August 18, 2015, Princeton, New Jersey: Navitas, a key contributor in IRISS Forum Webinar
~David Gwyn to present on “EDM Submission Reference Model - Shaping how Submission Content is Managed”~

Navitas Life Sciences today announced that it will be a key contributor to the Submission Content Management webinar scheduled on August 19th hosted by IRISS, a non-profit forum. Dedicated to the Implementation of Regulatory Submission Standards globally, IRISS provides a neutral platform for industry, vendors, health authorities, consultants and the like to share information and work towards a standard method of implementing electronic submission specifications & improving interoperability of e-publishing tools, viewing tools and systems. It also enables collaboration for other trade organizations within the pharmaceutical industry (i.e. PhRMA, DIA, RAPS, HL7) as well as global health authorities.

David Gwyn, Pratice Head of Content Management and Collaboration, Navitas Life Sciences will be presenting on “EDM Submission Reference Model - Shaping how Submission Content is Managed”. His presentation will showcase the output of DIA’s (Drug Information Association) EDM Submission Reference Model team that he leads at Navitas. It will throw light on the background of how the model was created, where it is today and the future roadmap of development. The session will conclude with information on how to obtain the model and how to participate in future activities.

The webinar is of specific relevance to the biopharmaceutical companies implementing an EDM system or a simple file share to store and prepare documents for regulatory submissions of drugs and biologic products intended for human use. While an EDM model provides the content, a regulatory publishing system is still required to assemble and publish a true regulatory submission.

The reference model is also useful for biopharmaceutical companies needing to organize and transfer documentation assets of a product to another company’s repository under an acquisition or partnership scenario. In this case, the reference model provides the common document definition and structure that both companies can share. The webinar is for IRISS members only. IRISS leadership is comprised of current and former members of the pharmaceutical industry from companies such as AstraZeneca, Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squbb, AbbVie, Johnson & Johnson and more. For more information about the webinar or to attend, visit\

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