Navitas’ PVTech Summit Defines Future Success

Navitas’ PVTech Summit was held on June 15th at the Hudson Hotel in New York City. The showcase focused on shaking up PV with new tools...

June 28, 2016, Princeton, New Jersey: Navitas’ PVTech Summit Defines Future Success

Follow – Up Webinar on July 6th will explore the Next Generation PV Tools

Navitas’ PVTech Summit was held on June 15th at the Hudson Hotel in New York City. The showcase focused on shaking up PV with new tools and technologies while also examining why Life Science companies should accelerate their use of technology to advance PV.

The summit was hosted by Navitas, a Life Science consulting and outsourcing company, along with two of the top 30 global life science organizations. Attended by over 50 industry pharmacovigilance senior executives, sessions covered search tools and how they can be used to pinpoint and connect information relevant for PV. In total 6 case studies were presented by global top 30 pharmaceutical companies, two of the case studies demonstrated lessons learned in:

  • Search capability
  • Natural language processing for unstructured text.

Additional sessions included Process Orchestration, which described new ways to facilitate PV workflows, rules, and decisions, and included case studies from one of the largest biotech companies in the world that detailed:

  • Signal Information Management Systems
  • Shared Investigator Platforms.

These case studies noted their paradigm shift in safety notification distribution.

According to a survey of attendees, most companies are on the road to improving their technology for PV, but none stand out as having a high degree of technological readiness. Most attendees agreed that there would be technological disruption in PV within the next five years.

Additional industry case studies highlighted insights learned from Data Assets initiatives and a project case study on a pilot program on the use of wearables. Additional sessions included robotics and the application of cognitive computing exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) in PV as well as successes and lessons learned from social media scanning.

As a follow-up to the PV Technology Summit, Navitas’ Senior Consultant, Martin Holm-Petersen, will host a webinar titled ‘Next Generation PV Tools’. The webinar on July 6th 10:30am (Eastern Time) will explore Information Technology as a game changer and analyze macro-trends that are changing the technological landscape for Life Science companies as well as technology drivers that are changing how PV is done. Additionally, the webinar will examine the elements of digitally transformed PV including automation, new sources of data, machine learning, and unstructured text analysis as the next generation of insights.

Finally, in terms of building IT strategies for PV, the drivers and challenges, cross portfolio strategies and the roadmap for success will be presented. For more information or to register for the webinar, click here.

The PVTech Summit was held in connection with pvnet, Navitas’ network for heads of Pharmacovigilance/Safety for the Top 25 Life Science companies. For more information about the nets, click here.

About Navitas:
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